Wooden Sounding Music Box

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- This wooden-sounding music box comes with cutting technology, no burrs, and smooth wooden sheets. It supports 17.78 cm/7" and 25.4cm/10" diameter vinyl records. As you crank up the gramophone after assembly, watch as the intricate inner gears kickstart into mesmerizing motion.
- Build the Black Gum Gramophone by Yourself: Play your vinyl records on a working gramophone that you build from scratch. It has two modes, hand crank, and electric. It comes with a vinyl record containing 3 music: The Merry Gent, Memory Of A Dance, and The Giant Killers.
- Everything You Need is Included: It comes as a 3D puzzle of 424 pieces. No battery or glue is needed. It will take about 10 hours to finish. Just unbox it and start assembling it!
- Perfect Gift Choice: People will be very surprised when they received this gift on a birthday or Christmas day. Would be good memories whenever they see these special wooden construction toys sent to them.
- Detailed Instruction: Maybe it's a little challenging for beginners, but just follow the instructions step by step, and you will finish this puzzle model kit finally. Don't worry. We will provide free replacement of damaged or missing parts.