PLUS CHESSBOARD Pentominoes - Wooden Puzzle

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You will love spending countless evenings of merriment with your friends and family members over this puzzle.

CHALLENGING FUN Pentominoes fit the 9 wooden pieces into the frame to create a mosaic PERFECTLY SIZE.
  • With this Pentominoes Puzzle, you can introduce a special child to this classic challenging puzzle game.
  • Following in the tradition of the original Pentominoes games, the puzzle includes a total of nine pieces, which are also made out of Indian rosewood.
  • To play the game, remove the pieces from the frame. Then, let kids try to put the pieces back in the right places to create a solid picture with no overlap.
  • With this Pentominoes Puzzle, children can begin to develop spatial awareness, learn their shapes and increase their fine motor strength.
GENUINE INDIAN WOOD HANDICRAFT Puzzle is handmade out of the finest Indian wood